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Revealed No green light yet for self driving cars say Irish road users

RSA conference hears that connected and autonomous vehicle industry is worth an estimated €900bn, and that Ireland should be brave and ambitious and grab a slice of this as it... Read more

Councillors axe plans to upgrade Dublin streets

Blind Legal Alliance warned new layout would cause difficulties for guide dog users Dublin City Council wanted to refurbish Sackville Place and Cathedral Street, which link O’Connell Street to the... Read more

Giving Illegal Users of Disabled Parking Bays a Dose of Their Own Medicine …

How would you feel like it if you were looking for a parking space but none were available? Well, that’s an experience that’s all too common for drivers with disabilities... Read more

Man caught parked in Naas disabled spot without permit was waiting on pizza

Gardaí clamp down over weekend Photo's taken from Garda Twitter Two cars were issued with fines over the weekend for parking in disabled spots without permits in Naas. Naas Roads... Read more

Belgium to allow driverless cars for testing on its roads

Belgium is one of the rare European countries to authorise tests for driverless cars on its public roads. Belgian consumers have a bright outlook on the safety of autonomous vehicles... Read more

5 Gadgets Helping Those With Disabilities Make Their Lives Easier

Written by Adrian Rubin Disability can be anything–it can be in the form of a physical infirmity, difficulty to comprehend, or any other psychological condition that inhibits a person from... Read more

The Big Tech Show What the future holds for autonomous vehicles in Ireland

What’s the story with self-driving cars coming to Ireland? How will it all affect insurance? Will middle-aged men be able to bear giving up ‘control’ of their ‘rides’? Which cars... Read more

Road Safety Authority research reveals that Irish road users not quite read…

40% of Irish adults believe self-driving cars are a ‘good idea’39% admitted they wouldn’t trust a self-driving car42% think they will lead to less road deaths/injuries53% plan to use their... Read more

UK agency launches criminal investigation into Zafira fires

A criminal investigation is being carried out in the UK into Vauxhall Zafira fires, a British government agency has confirmed. It is the first time the manufacturer has been investigated... Read more

Offaly is home to nearly 9 000 learner drivers

The Government are being called on to tackle the 'lifers' Insurance experts at are calling on the Government to address learner permit “lifers”, who they believe may be clogging... Read more

3 Oireachtas Committees explore how to improve support for disabled people …

Three Joint Committees of the Oireachtas are uniting to explore how to remove obstacles for people with disabilities who want to move from education or training into employment.2 May 2018... Read more

Gabby drivers are passengers worst nightmare in Ireland new study finds

Shortcuts with Eddie... I would have thought gabby passengers were the biggest pain for drivers. But no. New research suggests gabby drivers are passengers' worst nightmare in Ireland. The study... Read more

The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) was founded in 1970 by a group of wheelchair users committed to improving the lives of people with physical disabilities.

Based in Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, the DDAI has over 5,000 members and 14 dedicated staff. We work to promote the treatment, training, education, rehabilitation and welfare of people living with a physical disability in Ireland.