Where funding is granted to the client for the DDAI course, instruction is free. The DDAI course is a residential course at their Ballindine centre where accommodation and meals are provided. Where funding is not available or sought, individual lessons can be obtained for a fee of €30 per hour.

Driving may also be funded under training in the context of a FÁS employment support scheme.

People with disabilities may also have driving tuition listed under their assessment of need. There may be a discretionary payment providing financial assistance towards the cost of driving lessons through the client’s HSE guidance officer. To apply contact your local HSE disability guidance office.

Many people with a disability are financially independent, and where services are available chose to have lessons without applying for public assistance. Private sectors tuition costs typically between €40 - €50 per lesson.

For anyone with a disability, medical condition or age related condition beginning, continuing or returning to driving, a driving assessment may be recommended by a medial health professional to establish whether they are fit to drive.

If now or in the future you are required to under-go an assessment it should not be seen as something negative or as having a pass or fail outcome. Maintaining the driver’s lifestyle and employment-related mobility independence is paramount both for your medical professional and organisations like the Disabled Drivers Association.

In most cases, having a medical condition will not stop you from driving as the Driver Licensing Authority is able to issue a conditional licence. This means that you may continue to drive as long as certain conditions or restrictions are met. The assessment may be a key component in developing strategies for you to begin, to continue or to return to driving. However in some cases it is just no longer safe for a person to drive. This article explains the various types of assessment and what services and support the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland can offer you.

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