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Members of the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland enjoy many benefits including: discounts on the purchase of a new vehicle (Toyota, Fiat, Ford and more), 3 mobile special offer, Irish Ferries, Clontarf Castle, Travel Lodge Hotels and many more great companies.



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The members of The Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland are exclusively people with a disability working for people with a disability, promoting independence and equal opportunity through mobility. The founding ethos of the organisation was that people with disabilities would make their own decisions about what services to advocate, to agitate for or to provide.

The policies and the direction of the Association are dictated through the Board. The eight member Board is directly elected from the ordinary members of the Board. Each year, members are offered the opportunity to go forward for at least two Board positions. Through the individuals on Association’s Board, the DDAI has sustained itself over four decades. It is hoped it will continue to engage people with disabilities to act on issues relevant to them into a fifth decade and beyond.

The members are an important source for generating new initiatives. Awareness of needs or services that exist is often prompted by individual members or a combination of individual contributions by letter or by phone or indeed nowadays by email.

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At the Board Meeting of the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland on the 9th October 2011, the Directors of the Association endorsed the Statement of Guiding Principles as published by Irish Charities Tax Research (ICTR). The core principles of this statement are listed below, while a full explanation of Statement of Guidelines can be found through the link below.

Principles of Fundraising


fundraisingPICThe Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) and its subsidiaries shall respect the rights, dignity and privacy of its supporters, clients and beneficiaries. It shall not put undue pressure on anyone to make a gift and where someone does not want to give or wishes to cease giving, that decision will be respected. The charity will not represent their clients or beneficiaries in a disrespectful way in their promotional activities, and where possible and appropriate, clients or beneficiaries will have an input into the charity’s promotional strategies. The charity will take care not to cause unreasonable nuisance or disruption in its fundraising efforts.

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