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This event provides the perfect opportunity to discover everything you need to know about motoring with limited mobility. You, your family and friends will be able to view a wide range of cars, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAV’s), the latest adaptations and the various associated products and services available to people with limited mobility.

In addition, the conference will cover key topics including recent changes to the Disabled Drivers and Passengers Tax Relief Scheme, Changes to the Fuel Grant Scheme, Vehicle Finance and Adaptations available. Details of speakers & topics will be announced shortly. The show and conference are open to all and admission is FREE.

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Operation Enable is a multi-agency initiative between An Garda Síochána, Dublin City Council, Dublin Street Parking Services, Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) and the IWA.

The objective of the Operation is to remind motorists of the need to respect the Disabled Parking Bays in Dublin City Centre and to remind Disabled Parking Permit holders of the need to respect the conditions attached to the permits.

After dealing with an incident involving a disabled motorist in December 2016, Sgt Peter Woods of the DMR Traffic Division in Dublin started to look into disabled parking bays and disabled (blue) permit parking in Ireland's capital. When he realised that the system, intended to improve access to parking for people who really need it, was being abused, he single-handedly launched Operation Enable to tackle the problem. To read more follow the link below...

The position in relation to PCP was recently clarified by the Revenue.

They regard PCP Finance arrangements as leases and as such anyone who has purchased using PCP is not eligible for the Disabled Drivers and Passenger Tax Relief Scheme. HP Agreements are allowable. It is that PCP Finance is not HP Agreements.

This opinion is supported by a recent decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on 4th October 2017 in the case of HMRC v Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Ltd.

In conclusion,

(a)          the ownership of the vehicles concerned remains with Car Finance Company (despite the fact the car may be registered with the applicant) until the final payment option is exercised. They  have not borne or paid VAT, VRT or residual VRT on this vehicle until the final payment option has been exercised.

(b)          In a standard HP Agreement the final purchase fee is a nominal amount whereas PCP Finance typically involves a final payment encompassing most of the value of the vehicle .

(c)           the agreements put in place between Car Finance Company  and Applicant under PCP are not regarded as standard HP agreements  but are regarded as a form of lease agreement which is not allowed under the Drivers and Passengers with Disabilities scheme.