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Personal Contract Plan (PCP Finance) Eligibility and the Disabled Drivers & Passengers Tax Relief Scheme

There has been much discussion on whether PCP finance is an acceptable form of finance by Revenue when purchasing a vehicle through the Disabled Drivers & Passengers Tax Relief Scheme.  Please see the paragraph below from the VRT7 booklet (revised September 18) produced by REVENUE.

“A vehicle acquired under any form of a Personal Contract Plan (PCP) agreement WILL BE eligible for repayment or remission of VRT and VAT under the scheme where at the time the PCP is entered into the only economically rational choice for the customer is to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract. This will be the case where the expected market value of the vehicle is greater than the “balloon payment” specified in the contract to purchase the vehicle at the end of the contract period”.

We would advise any member thinking of financing a vehicle by way of PCP finance or any other form of finance to speak with Revenue and discuss it with your local motor dealer first.


Applegreen joins forces with fuelService to help fuel Disabled Drivers

Applegreen is delighted to announce that they have joined forces with fuelService and the Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) to help disabled drivers receive assistance whilst refuelling at Applegreen stations across the country.

Refuelling a car is one of the biggest challenges faced by disabled drivers, and Applegreen is proud to be the first Irish forecourt retailer to roll out this app service and go some way towards making refuelling easier and more accessible for disabled drivers.

Experiences such as having to sit on a forecourt beeping the car horn, flashing the lights and waving disability badges to receive help to refuel at a pump on a forecourt were behind the creation of the fuelService app. The app offers a two-step process to take the uncertainty and stress out of refueling for disabled drivers. Step one helps the driver locate the nearest Applegreen petrol station where there is an available staff member to help them.

Step two allows forecourt staff to let drivers know when they should arrive at the forecourt, then alerts staff when they arrive allowing drivers to be assisted as efficiently as possible and take the stress out of filling up their car.

The app, is a simple but effective solution to a huge difficulty faced by disabled drivers across the country. Applegreen is confident that by joining with fuelService they will play a part in liberating disabled drivers from a very difficult and often stressful experience.

Applegreen are encouraging customers with smartphones to download the free fuelService app where they can find their nearest participating Applegreen site.
Free demonstrations of the app will be available at the DDAI Disabled Drivers Motor Show and Conference on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th September at the RDS. For more information go to:


Operation Enable is a multi-agency initiative between An Garda Síochána, Dublin City Council, Dublin Street Parking Services, Disabled Drivers Association of Ireland (DDAI) and the IWA.

The objective of the Operation is to remind motorists of the need to respect the Disabled Parking Bays in Dublin City Centre and to remind Disabled Parking Permit holders of the need to respect the conditions attached to the permits.

After dealing with an incident involving a disabled motorist in December 2016, Sgt Peter Woods of the DMR Traffic Division in Dublin started to look into disabled parking bays and disabled (blue) permit parking in Ireland's capital. When he realised that the system, intended to improve access to parking for people who really need it, was being abused, he single-handedly launched Operation Enable to tackle the problem. To read more follow the link below...